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Aena, with 12,500 million debt, spends 863,000 euros a year on its 83 official cars

Aena, with 12,500 million debt, spends 863,000 euros a year on its 83 official cars

  • They are data of parliamentary answers to CiU, that accuses to Aena to continue having “perks without rendering accounts”.
  • The cost is 7,200 euros per vehicle per year, plus 3,200 euros in gasoline.
  • Aena has reduced its number of managers by nine, from 92 to 83, and her salary has dropped by an average of 13%.
Aena y Barajas

An image of the Madrid-Barajas airport. ARCHIVE

Aena, the public entity that manages Spanish airports, spends approximately 863,200 euros per year on the 83 official cars it has for its managers. And that Aena is one of the most indebted public companies in Spain . In 2012, it had 12,577 million euros. And last year he negotiated an ERE that affected 10% of his workforce. It is one of the data collected in the parliamentary responses that the Government has given to the deputy of CiU Pere Macias. “Aena has escaped public control, its directors act as if they were a private company, with certain perks and without being accountable, Aena is poorly managed, inefficient and very expensive,” Macias told 20minutos .

The answers explain that the official car is part of the “salary in kind” of the managers . Its cost (rent, maintenance, insurance …) is 7,200 euros per year per vehicle , to which we must add an average annual expenditure of 3,200 euros in fuel per car . The general director-president of Aena, the directors of the 48 airports, directors of the Airport Group, regional directors of Air Navigation and other senior officials are entitled to vehicle. Of the 83 cars, only five are owned by Aena with three drivers of their own . The rest is in the form of ‘renting’.

AENA already had to cancel the rental of a luxury car to its financial director Regarding brands, Aena has an Audi A6, two Audi A4, nine Ford Mondeo , 14 Opel Insignia, 17 Peugeot 407, four Peugeot 508, two Renault Laguna , three Toyota Avensis, one Volkswagen Golf, 24 Volkswagen Passat and six Volvo S40. In addition, Aena has another additional contract, valued at 65,538 euros per year , for a safe driving service. In April of this year, Aena already had to cancel the tender to rent a new car, an Audi Q3, with leather upholstery and silk roof, before the complaints of the opposition. The vehicle was for the financial director of the entity and had a gross limit amount of 70,422 euros in five years.


Without salary information

Macias asked a battery of 13 questions and not all have been answered. “I have been evasive, I asked about the contracts that the directors have and their salaries and they have only given me salary savings figures, I am going to ask them again and I will ask for help from the Government Budget Office”, the deputy pointed out. In 2011, Aena had 18 executives (six of them with a senior management contract) and its commercial company 74 other directors (9 senior management). In 2013 Aena maintains the same number (18), but its commercial company has reduced nine managers, from 74 to 65.

The Government does not provide salary data, only that in 2012 a reduction in the remuneration of senior managers of 13% was carried out and the diets for assistance to the Board of Directors were eliminated. If you want to know the exact salaries, the answers advise the deputy to consult the ministerial orders of the Treasury of March and April 2012, which set the maximum remunerations that can be received by those responsible for the entities and public corporations. Aena says that salaries are between 22 and 72% lower than those maximum limits. The law set a maximum of 105,000 euros per year .

Is there any plan within Aena to save on the cost of official cars? A spokesman refers to the parliamentary response, and stresses that the car is “part of the salary remuneration” of the managers , cars “for which they quote”.

Heidelberg. With a disposition credit 

Heidelberg. With a disposition credit 

financial bottlenecks can be bridged quickly and flexibly. But most Germans avoid it: more than two-thirds (71%) have or do not use a dispatching system. This is the result of a representative survey by the market research institute YouGov on behalf of the independent consumer portal Verivox.

Picture: Credit

Only ten percent of respondents said they would overdraw their accounts more often a year. Almost one in three Germans (29%), on the other hand, completely refrains from providing their account with an overdraft facility. Although 42 percent have a credit line, they do not use it. Non-use increases with age. While 24 percent of the 18 to 24-year-olds said they did not use the dispensary, over 55 were twice as likely (48 percent).

Consumers apparently use the disposition responsibly

Those who overdraw their account do so, according to the survey, mainly due to financial bottlenecks (44%) – to pay for unplanned repairs or make additional payments. The rescheduling, the vehicle, electronics and furniture purchase play each with less than five percent only a minor role, as well as the financing of the holiday (6%). “It becomes clear that most citizens use the overdraft facility for what it is meant to do, namely to close short-term payment gaps. This demonstrates a conscious and responsible approach to the MRP “, sums up Ingo Weber, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer at Verivox.

Dispo: Flexible and immediately available – but usually expensive

The majority of MRP users (74%) appreciate the flexibility of the system and the fact that, unlike installment loans, they can call on them immediately (33%). “Bank customers, however, usually buy their own flexibility and availability very expensive. As a rule, more than 10 percent interest is payable on this financial freedom. Those who have predictable expenses should therefore make better use of a favorable installment loan, “advises Weber. Small loans, which are repaid in installments, are currently available for interest rates below three percent.

Overdrafts in the discussion

The transparency of discretionary loans has been hotly debated for months. Consumer advocates argue that regular overdrawing of the account paves the way for the debt trap. They therefore demand the statutory cap on interest. However, the plans of the Grand Coalition do not foresee that. Instead, the Union and the SPD want to oblige the banks to warn customers with overdrawn accounts and to offer cheap alternatives in case of prolonged and frequent use.

To methodology

The representative survey data were determined online by the market research institute YouGov in the period from 06.05.2014 to 08.05.2014. A total of 1,057 people over the age of 18 were interviewed.

Dispon usage_graphics.xlsx (Excel)

Further information

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Millions of dollars are sleeping on immobile accounts. Most of these are money from the deceased. So far, banks have little interest in finding the rightful heirs. The topic is now back on the agenda.

Picture: Gross national product

Nationwide, according to a recent extrapolation from North Rhine-Westphalia, the figure is about two billion euros, estimates North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Finance Norbert Walter-Borjans – a trend that is clearly rising. The SPD politician wants to raise this treasure – and at the same time remedy a malady, as he tells the German Press Agency. He criticizes the financial institutions: “It can not be that banks bunker money that they are not entitled to.”

“Men’s accounts strengthen the capital base of banks”

The NRW minister sees a need for action and emphasizes that many federal states are aiming for an improvement. So far it is like this: If the banks do not “find or want to find an heir”, the fortune remains there. “The money belongs to someone, and he should get it.” There are even accounts in which the owner would theoretically have to be 120 years old. Walter Borjans says: “Men’s accounts strengthen the capital base of the banks.” It also raises the question of how “honest” the banks dealt with their customers. They should be legally bound to “make every effort to get the claimant to their money”. And a central database would help.

Banks and savings banks can not understand the change requests: “The German banking industry sees no reason to change the existing and proven practice regarding dormant accounts.” If the contact with the customer is lost, mail will be returned as undeliverable, for example, and every bank will investigate, according to the Federal Association of German Banks. If no customer contact can be established permanently, “the assets will always be available to the customer”. The bank does not own a dormant account. The policy should not give the impression that the protection of assets is “at their discretion”.

Association calls for central reporting system

The Verband Deutscher Erbenermittler considers improvements to be necessary. Most European countries would have long established a reporting system for dormant accounts, says VDEE spokesman Albrecht Basse. With a publicly accessible register, potential heirs could also investigate themselves. At the moment, heirs and probationers are unable to obtain secure information about the full amount of assets held by banks.

And the problem will continue to grow, Basse believes. “In the past, when the grandparents were decommissioned, they still came across the old passbook, but in times of increasing online accounts, children and grandchildren soon no longer have much in their hands.” And: “More transparency in the banking system” will also lead to high additional revenue for the state through inheritance tax. That is positive.

Without heirs, the money goes to the federal states

If heirs are determined, the federal states can profit from inheritance tax. If no heirs are traceable at the end, the money would have to go to the states as a “fiscal inheritance” by law. In the NRW push, however, a plus for the treasury is not the focus, underlines Walter-Borjans. According to his ministry, however, it is “a fact” that it can serve the general public better than a bank. Baden-Württemberg’s finance minister Edith Sitzmann (Greens) recently demanded that the state should be given access to accounts and credits if there were no more owners.

The problem of immovable accounts has long been known and must now be addressed with force, the NRW Minister demands. A first attempt of a country AG starting from 2013 had not led to the success. “It would be really easy and not over bureaucratic to make.” Some deletion proposals are already on the table. ” However, there are still discussions among the federal states. Hesse, for example, is “more restrained” with its financial center Frankfurt. And without the covenant, it would not work. But: “The Federal Ministry of Finance, contrary to its promise, apparently has done nothing until today (…). This is bank-friendly, but not citizen-friendly.”


Real Estate Booming: Thanks to historically low interest rates home loans are as cheap as they are rare. That makes building and buying real estate particularly attractive. Consumer advocates, however, urgently recommend comparing different financing offers. In a review of Financial Test magazine, the testers found that consultants do not always give consumers all sorts of benefits.

Picture: Dream house 

Why is building or buying a house worthwhile at the moment?

Long-term construction loans with fixed interest rates for ten to fifteen years are currently available with interest rates of around three percent. However, real estate prices have risen significantly in recent years, especially in large cities.

Are real estate a good investment?

Real estate is not considered a return killer. However, according to consumer experts, they are a sound investment, especially in times of crisis. The value of a property is relatively safe – provided price, quality and location are right. In any case, a real estate purchase should be well considered.

How do I find the cheapest loan?

Here only helps a comparison of the various providers, with the selection of loans according to Stiftung Warentest is currently particularly large. Builders and buyers can use comparison computers on the Internet. Also, consumer magazines and newspapers often provide current interest rates. The house bank can be an important contact – but is not always the first choice. A provider comparison can sometimes save tens of thousands of euros.

How does a construction loan work?

Loans for houses or apartments usually run for ten, 20 or 30 years. As a rule, interest rates are only set for a limited period of several years. If this so-called fixed interest period expires, bank and customer negotiate the extension of the loan. The builder can then also umschulden and switch to a cheaper provider. Consumers should seek new offers several months before the deadline expires. Because of the historically low interest rates, there are currently also particularly favorable follow-up loans.

Are the credit rates always fixed?

In itself, fixed monthly installments are agreed. However, construction loans often also give the right to special repayment, ie a repayment in addition to the agreed installments. It can also be negotiated that the client can adjust the rates, such as when the income changes.

How much money do I have to raise myself?

Financial experts see equity of 20 to 30 percent of the property price as a solid base. For their offered top interest rates, however, banks often want to see 40 percent equity. Some banks are also willing to finance the full purchase price. But they usually demand hefty risk premiums on interest.

Is there money from the state?

The State Development Bank KfW offers loans, for example, for the purchase of owner-occupied residential property, energy-efficient construction and renovation or for age-appropriate living. In addition, the state pays the housing premium of 8.8 percent in building society savings. There is also state support in the form of the so-called residential Riester for the purchase of self-used real estate for retirement.

What happens if I become unemployed or incapacitated for work?

Risks such as these can be fully or partially covered by insurance. So there are insurance against occupational disability, unemployment, life insurance or residual debt insurance. Consumers should seek good insurance cover before concluding a policy and a home loan. Stiftung Warentest advises on insurance in the event of death.

News Stiftung Warentest shows eco fund in the test the red card

News Stiftung Warentest shows eco fund in the test the red card News always well informed

Thursday, 17.10.13 , written by Bernd Lauberg 57 closed eco-funds was examined by Stiftung Warentest in the current test (Finanztest 11/2013). In detail, only ten funds were examined, many flew out of the investigation because of KO criteria. None of the tested eco-funds is recommendable from the perspective of Stiftung Warentest. On the contrary: Almost all are deficient. > Ökofonds Test 2013 von Stiftung Warentest: Viele Fonds sind mangelhaft

Beware of eco funds currently warns Stiftung Warentest

In fact, closed eco-funds are a great way for green investors to spend their money “green”. But Stiftung Warentest advises now in the current test of the financial test from. Because “none of the audited funds can recommend the Finanztest experts in good conscience,” is the sad judgment of the consumer organization. Too much risk, beautified forecasts, too tightly calculated reserves: “The test result is an indictment” for closed eco-funds. After all, two funds have received from the Stiftung Warentest the rating “sufficient”, the remaining eight are simply “Poor”.

Ecofund test by Stiftung Warentest: far too great risks for investors

Investors can invest in eco funds usually with an investment starting from 10,000 euros up plus an additional five percent for the acquisition costs. In return, the funds offer returns of between five and ten percent and a secure investment. Because the state-guaranteed feed-in tariffs for the electricity should make the plant safe. But the fund can become a risk if the providers of solar and wind farms, biogas and hydropower plants do not plan the costs and yields well. For example, Stiftung Warentest has sorted out the closed eco-funds, for which more than ten percent of future investments have yet to be determined.

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Almost all tested closed eco funds are deficient

Only ten funds meet the conditions set by the consumer organization to even be included in the test and were still offered on the company’s website as of September 2, 2013. Nine of them finance themselves with more than 60 percent debt. This is risky from the perspective of Stiftung Warentest. Because investors must then repay the bank loans with money from the fund, “if the business is going bad.” The more fund providers fund their investments with debt, the riskier it can be for the investor.

Stiftung Warentest critically examines eco-funds

Stiftung Warentest has tested the funds for the returns and the costs, the forecasting risk as well as the control and the contract. The lower the one-time costs and the running costs, the better for the consumer. It is equally good if the provider provides “sufficient liquidity reserves at different times”. Should unforeseen events occur, the consumer’s investment is not immediately at stake. The consumer organization also assesses the situation positively if an auditor has confirmed the prospectus information for the fund offer as plausible and correct.

Two eco-fund “test winners” determined by financial test

The “best” closed eco funds “CFB funds 180 – solar Germany portfolio V” (Commerz Real Fund) and “LHI Solar Germany VII Georgsdorf & Prenzlau” (LHI Leasing) have in the test of Stiftung Warentest with “sufficient” cut off. The consumer organization advises only wealthy investors to closed eco-funds, as these, despite some collateral hold a high risk. Therefore, they should not invest more than five percent of their assets. As “a good chance to earn money with wind, solar or biogas plants,” Finanztest sees public participation in the vicinity of the place of residence. Because investors are familiar with each other and the goals of the project can be planned together. Consumers should in any case put their environmental funds through their paces and not rely blindly on the high promise of returns.

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