Aena, with 12,500 million debt, spends 863,000 euros a year on its 83 official cars

Aena, with 12,500 million debt, spends 863,000 euros a year on its 83 official cars

  • They are data of parliamentary answers to CiU, that accuses to Aena to continue having “perks without rendering accounts”.
  • The cost is 7,200 euros per vehicle per year, plus 3,200 euros in gasoline.
  • Aena has reduced its number of managers by nine, from 92 to 83, and her salary has dropped by an average of 13%.
Aena y Barajas

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Aena, the public entity that manages Spanish airports, spends approximately 863,200 euros per year on the 83 official cars it has for its managers. And that Aena is one of the most indebted public companies in Spain . In 2012, it had 12,577 million euros. And last year he negotiated an ERE that affected 10% of his workforce. It is one of the data collected in the parliamentary responses that the Government has given to the deputy of CiU Pere Macias. “Aena has escaped public control, its directors act as if they were a private company, with certain perks and without being accountable, Aena is poorly managed, inefficient and very expensive,” Macias told 20minutos .

The answers explain that the official car is part of the “salary in kind” of the managers . Its cost (rent, maintenance, insurance …) is 7,200 euros per year per vehicle , to which we must add an average annual expenditure of 3,200 euros in fuel per car . The general director-president of Aena, the directors of the 48 airports, directors of the Airport Group, regional directors of Air Navigation and other senior officials are entitled to vehicle. Of the 83 cars, only five are owned by Aena with three drivers of their own . The rest is in the form of ‘renting’.

AENA already had to cancel the rental of a luxury car to its financial director Regarding brands, Aena has an Audi A6, two Audi A4, nine Ford Mondeo , 14 Opel Insignia, 17 Peugeot 407, four Peugeot 508, two Renault Laguna , three Toyota Avensis, one Volkswagen Golf, 24 Volkswagen Passat and six Volvo S40. In addition, Aena has another additional contract, valued at 65,538 euros per year , for a safe driving service. In April of this year, Aena already had to cancel the tender to rent a new car, an Audi Q3, with leather upholstery and silk roof, before the complaints of the opposition. The vehicle was for the financial director of the entity and had a gross limit amount of 70,422 euros in five years.


Without salary information

Macias asked a battery of 13 questions and not all have been answered. “I have been evasive, I asked about the contracts that the directors have and their salaries and they have only given me salary savings figures, I am going to ask them again and I will ask for help from the Government Budget Office”, the deputy pointed out. In 2011, Aena had 18 executives (six of them with a senior management contract) and its commercial company 74 other directors (9 senior management). In 2013 Aena maintains the same number (18), but its commercial company has reduced nine managers, from 74 to 65.

The Government does not provide salary data, only that in 2012 a reduction in the remuneration of senior managers of 13% was carried out and the diets for assistance to the Board of Directors were eliminated. If you want to know the exact salaries, the answers advise the deputy to consult the ministerial orders of the Treasury of March and April 2012, which set the maximum remunerations that can be received by those responsible for the entities and public corporations. Aena says that salaries are between 22 and 72% lower than those maximum limits. The law set a maximum of 105,000 euros per year .

Is there any plan within Aena to save on the cost of official cars? A spokesman refers to the parliamentary response, and stresses that the car is “part of the salary remuneration” of the managers , cars “for which they quote”.